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Over the past decade, we have completed more than 400 manufacturing projects across dozens of industry subsectors, providing an integrated approach that links all stakeholders, from the board to the shop floor. Our methodology also ensures that the changes you make will stick.
We started operating in 1962 in the old Transvaal province and have developed into a manufacturing market leader not only in South Africa but on the continent. In 2016 a 60% stake of the company was acquired by the Poseidon Group making them our largest shareholder followed by PSG group.

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  • Our team

    Our team, with over 200 years of collective experience, is dedicated to actively managing and creating projects.

  • Solutions Focused Consulting

    We offer practical solutions, quick turnaround time, and the consistently exceptional experience that our trustworthy and forward thinking professionals provide.

  • We take ownership

    We add value quickly, collaborating with your team and adopting an ownership mindset while maintaining complete objectivity.

  • Become future-ready

    We design a flexible and adaptable manufacturing network that meets your current and long-term goals.

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